web benefits

12 good reasons to purchase a web site for your business:

1. provide a showcase for your products and services

2. attract new customers from around the world

3. cost you less than a traditional advertising campaign in the mass media or through direct mail

4. allow you to include much more information than in a traditional advertisement

5. let you use beautiful colors along with multimedia, including text, pictures, sound, and video

6. appeal to a growing audience of affluent, educated internet users

7. assist you in creating intimate relationships with your customers

8. with a nicely designed web site, a small business will be on equal footing with a large corporation on the internet

9. you receive the full, undivided attention of customers on the web

10. your customers can reach you from close or distant geographic locations at any time of day through your web site

11. you can respond to customer inquiries at your own convenience

12. show your current customers and potential new customers that you are up to the technological challenges of the 21st century by establishing your cutting edge presense on world wide web

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