The Design Process

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1. Needs assessment and conceptualization
We ask you key questions about your project to assess your needs, your audience, and your message.Through careful reaearch and analysis, we arrive at the best new media strategy for communicating your message.
2. Design

We examine your project from the point of view of your audience and customers and then develop storyboards and a prototype of your project which we present for your approval.

3. Development
After gaining your approval, we produce the text, photographs, illustrations, graphic design, video, and sound to enhance your project. We write the html code and other computer code to make the ideas work in the digital realm. We test your project with users and also on different platforms and browsers to make sure that your project is a success.
4. Implementation

At this stage, your project is finalized and delivered to you .Web sites go live. We register your web site with major search engines so that your customers can find you. We advise you on promotions and recommend future development strategies.We deliver multimedia projects on the web, or CD-ROM,.

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